Redman: The Kaiju Hunter Volume 3
Redman: The Kaiju Hunter Volume 3

Redman: The Kaiju Hunter Volume 3

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Still trapped in an endless nightmarish realm full of violence and killing, Redman discovers that his attempts to break out have allowed others to break in! The stakes have never been more "real" as the Red Fight struggles with new enemies and monsters unlike any that our hero has ever challenged before. Will he find the truth of his prison and regain his freedom? Or will the mysterious and mischievous "MIDI" continue to exploit the kaiju hunts for its audience's entertainment?

Written and illustrated by Matt Frank with colors by Goncalo Lopes and additional inks by Christian Gonzales, Redman: The Kaiju Hunter Volume 3 brings a magnificent crescendo to the tale so far.

(w) Matt Frank (a) Matt Frank, Gonzalo Lopes (c) Jesse Wittenrich, Josh Perez

***Note*** The first 125 orders that include the Redman Volume 3 Graphic Novel will also receive an EXCLUSIVE Redman: Volume 3 Japanese Cover Chase card.

1st printing. 120 pages, full color.

This item is scheduled to ship early April.