Wasp Raider Figures shipping now!

Update. We are in the process of shipping out all Wasp Raider orders. We printed out the first batch of labels on 12/31 with a target date of 1/7 to begin shipping. We received the shipment Wednesday 1/5 and began shipping that Friday as scheduled. As of now we have shipped out 550 units. We will resume processing and shipping next Tuesday 1/18. Please keep an eye out for your shipping notice. If you have already received your notice for a single Wasp Raider or a quantity of 2 Wasp Raiders, your item will be shipped next week.

These are being sorted by units/price, so you should be seeing your initial shipping notice or your confirmation that the package has been received by USPS/UPS shortly!

Thank you again and we look forward to getting the rest of these out this month!



Attention Customers,

We would like you to have the most enjoyable experience with your Wasp Raider figure so please note, when placing the backpack on your Wasp Raider figure, the vest hole must be lined up with the hole in the figure’s back to allow the backpack to be attached correctly. If the two holes are not aligned, the backpack will not fit correctly. If the backpack is not fitting into either hole easily, do not force, twist, bend, etc. or you may risk damaging your backpack. Take the backpack off of your figure and realign the vest and figure holes.  

Thank you.  



  • Any idea when my wasp raider will be coming? I ordered it with my preregistration for last year’s Robocon…. That’s almost been a year of waiting!!!!

    Mark witte
  • ORDER #2602
    can i get a status update on my order.
    Thank you

    Moises Rucobo

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