RoboCon 2021 Schedule

This is a General Tentative Schedule. Full Complete Schedule with additional details will be posted closer to the show.


9am-10am - BotCon Breakfast Preview

10:30am-11am - Package pick up (For Custom Class attendees)

11am-1pm - Package Pick Up (For ALL attendees)

11am-3pm - Custom Class A

4pm-8pm - Custom Class B

6pm-7pm - Voice Actor Skype Call

7pm-8pm - BotCon Convention NEWS

8pm-10pm - Preview Night! Exhibitor Room opens to Registered Attendees



8:30am - Exhibitor Room opens for Registered Attendees

9:00am - General Admission

- Exhibitor Room

- Merchandise Showcase Room

- Workshop/Games room

3pm - Grand Prize Drawing

3pm - RoboCon Announcement

4pm - Show Closes