RoboCon 2021 Contest Details!

The RoboCon 2021 Grand Prize!

Anyone that attends the show can enter! Even if you don’t attend, there is still a chance to win a prize. Attendees, both pre-registered and walk-ins. It’s simple. Check out the two pages that will serve as an intro to our Beast Wars Shattered Glass FAN TALE! These two pages tell the start of the story. Now, it’s up to you to plot out the rest! Is Blackarachnia being true or is she up to something? Or is it something else entirely?

Simply write a couple paragraph summary of what you envision the story to be. We will choose one of the summaries and turn it in to a full prose story with illustrations. The fan tale will then be published online for all to read. The winner will also receive our RoboCon 2021 Grand Prize pack! The comic pages by Hayato Sakamoto and Josh Perez can be seen here Email entries to

Now. Not attending but still want to participate? It’s easy. Let us know who you think would make for the most interesting Shattered Glass Beast Wars character in the comments. Then simply like and/or share this update. One person will be selected to win a RoboCon 2021 non-attending package which will include the very limited edition Glow-In-The-Dark Vok Accessory.

So there it is! And if you have not yet registered for the show, you can do that here:

We will see you all 3 weeks from today at RoboCon 2021 at the Galt House in Louisville, Kentucky!

Comic Intro:
Pencils/Inks - Hayato Sakamoto
Colors - Josh Perez

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